Faith & Love in Action is a non-profit organization based in Haiti since 1996. It is partnered with Aid International, Inc which is based and registered in Florida since 2000. Faith & Love in Action's mission is to bring about change in the lives of the orphans and needy children of Haiti. Faith and Love in Action (FLA) started as a home for just a few homeless girls living on the street in the 90's. Since then, it has since grown into a home for boys and girls of all ages: currently there are 81 children living in these homes. The dorms are divided into three categories: Girl’s Home, Boy’s Home and Baby’s Home. The 'kids' range from 1 to 23 years old, with the average child being 6-9 years old.

FLA was founded in Port-au-Prince but was moved to Jacmel due to the safety of this community. Jacmel is located on the south east coast of Haiti, approximately 90 km's from the capital city. In Jacmel, the younger kids attend a bilingual school that was recently started in the Library of the Boy's Home. The older children attend schools in the area. Five are in their first year of University.

Faith & Love in Action also operates a number of schools in Haiti: one is in a remote mountain village, Marbial, which is located a few hours drive (and hike) from Jacmel. Other schools are located in Les Cayes, and Carrefour.

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